Loneliness in St. Louis has no place to call home with the help of Visit-A-Bit. Visit-A-Bit is a program serving the Greater St. Louis area that connects volunteers with senior adults to help create meaningful relationships that ensure no one feels alone.

Our Program

Visit-A-Bit is a safe home-visit program in St. Louis that connects volunteers with people and provides weekly touchpoint ideas that guide interactions to develop meaningful relationships.


Visit-A-Bit is a program created to combat senior adults loneliness in the Greater St. Louis area.


43% of seniors say they’ve felt lonely at least some of the time.


Visit-A-Bit’s staff reviews information on each participant to match volunteers with the right person and to ensure safety.

Program Stories

Cheryl Wilson is a firm believer that because she has been blessed with knowledge relating to senior care, she has an obligation to give it back.

Dawn Voss couldn’t have imagined how rewarding volunteering with Visit-A-Bit would be for both her and her senior.


Would you like a visitor?

If you’re a homebound senior or living in a senior community and would like to have a Visit-A-Bit volunteer begin weekly visits, learn more by clicking below.

Become a Volunteer

If you are interested in regularly visiting with a senior adult in your area, while providing socialization, consider becoming a Visit-A-Bit volunteer, learn more by clicking below.

Visit Ideas

Featured Idea

Home Safety:

This week’s Visit-A-Bit touchpoint is on home safety. Here you’ll find ideas and checklists for some small ways that you can help keep people safe at home.

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How to Order Groceries Online:

St. Louis offers several online shopping and delivery services. Check out our how-to list of easy ways to help someone go shopping from the comfort of their home.

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Meet the Neighbors:

As a Visit-a-Bit volunteer, you can be a helpful lifeline to ensure that people know their neighbors. Here are some great tips on how to help others get to know their community.

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Remembering Birthdays:

There are a lot of great ways to remember—and celebrate—birthdays, anniversaries, and special dates. Help someone remember special milestones with our handy guide.

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Emergency Preparedness:

Though emergencies are typically unexpected, being as prepared for them as possible can be crucial. Here's our guide on how to prepare for them.

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