Visit- A – Bit is made up of incredible people with amazing life stories. Everyone’s life is celebrated and new memories are written every day.

Read about some of our volunteers and program participants that make Visit-A-Bit so special.

Cheryl Wilson is a firm believer that because she has been blessed with knowledge relating to senior care, she has an obligation to give it back.

Dawn Voss couldn’t have imagined how rewarding volunteering with Visit-A-Bit would be for both her and her senior.

Karen Sage began volunteering with Visit-A-Bit after her father got sick, and she realized she couldn’t visit him as much as she would have liked.

Katina Boykin joined Visit-A-Bit as a volunteer after she became an empty-nester and wanted to find opportunities to do something different with her time, something that allowed her to help people.

Jean Blackburn got involved with Visit-A-Bit after her daughter signed her up for the program.