Visit Ideas

Keeping Seniors Entertained Between Visits:

In this week's Visit-A-Bit touchpoint, you'll find a guide with a creative way for volunteers to keep their senior friend entertained from one visit to the next.

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Building Bonds:

Companionship is important for homebound individuals - not because of the time spent, but rather the quality of the interactions. Read our guide with tips to help volunteers make these visits meaningful.

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Keeping Cool in the Summer:

In this week's Visit-A-Bit touchpoint, you'll find a guide with useful tips on how to keep someone cool in summer heat.

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Memory Lane:

Sharing memories is not only a great bonding activity, but it also has health benefits. Take a look at our tips to help you get someone to share their special memories with you.

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Winter Warmth:

This week's Visit-A-Bit touchpoint is winter warmth. Here you'll find a guide with information on how to safely keep someone warm during the cold winter months.

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Fire Safety:

As temperatures drop, fire accidents become more common. Here's our guide with some fire safety measures you can take to prevent these kinds of accidents.

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Anyone can enjoy Facebook, but older adults should be especially careful not to fall victim to various scams on this online platform. Use our guide for simple tips on how to help someone safely navigate Facebook.

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Emergency Preparedness:

Though emergencies are typically unexpected, being as prepared for them as possible can be crucial. Here's our guide on how to prepare for them.

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Remembering Birthdays:

There are a lot of great ways to remember—and celebrate—birthdays, anniversaries, and special dates. Help someone remember special milestones with our handy guide.

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Meet the Neighbors:

As a Visit-a-Bit volunteer, you can be a helpful lifeline to ensure that people know their neighbors. Here are some great tips on how to help others get to know their community.

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